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Newton Law Firm provides experienced, dedicated, and compassionate representation in Personal Injury, Workers’ Compensation, and Civil cases.

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Personal Injury

Dealing with these types of cases on a daily basis, whether it be a collision involving a tractor-trailer, a commercial vehicle, an automobile, a motorcycle, bicycle, or a pedestrian, we understand the concerns and frustration a serious injury or death of a loved one can bring to you and your family.  We strive to do everything in our power to help ease those feelings of fear and helplessness when you or a loved one have been injured by the negligent or intentional act of another. As a compassionate team, we realize you will need a shoulder to lean on and guidance through this difficult process.  It is our goal to take the stress off of you so that you can focus on healing and getting back to your life.

Workers’ Compensation

It’s a sad reality that every day North Carolina workers are injured or killed on the job.  If you or a family member has been unfortunate enough to suffer an injury on the job, we can see that the claim is properly and timely filed so that your interests are protected.  Because of the complexity and often confusing nature of workers’ compensation cases, we can give you the applicable legal guidance, based on your injury and the facts of your case.  Being injured and out of work can be a frightening time in your life and you need to have someone on your side who fully and completely understands workers’ compensation law. Jeff was in the first group of attorneys in North Carolina to be certified by the North Carolina State Bar Board of Legal Specialization as a Board Certified Specialist in Workers’ Compensation Law. Talk with us to see how we can help you navigate the workers’ compensation process and get back on track.

Civil Trials and Pretrials

Civil Trials are generally held in order for a judge or a jury to resolve money or property (non-criminal) disputes. Although the overwhelming majority of cases are settled pretrial – that is, without the necessity of a trial – in the event of a trial, we possess the experience and commitment necessary to effectively present the individualized facts of your case. Jeff has been nationally board certified in civil trials for over twenty years, and is also nationally board certified in civil pretrials.

Mediation and Arbitration

Jeff is a Certified Mediator and Arbitrator and has had extensive experience serving as a Mediator and Arbitrator in a wide variety of cases.  He has served on panels of arbitrators in Uninsured Motorist claims, Underinsured Motorist claims, and business disputes, and has also served as a sole arbitrator in many different types of cases. Mediation and arbitration can be effective in resolving disputes involving motor vehicle collisions, other types of personal injury, employment matters, collection issues, contract disputes, construction litigation, property and real estate disputes, workers’ compensation, and will and estate issues.

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